Artist Collaborates With 4-Year-Old To Create Surrealist Portraits

Sep 5, 2013 1 comments

When illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks pulled out a new sketchbook she had specially ordered, she was apprehensive. The reason of her worry was her 4-year-old daughter who was playing nearby. Mrs. Hendricks knew exactly what’s going to happen – her daughter would crave for her new sketchbook and beg to use it. Sure enough, no sooner had she drawn a lady’s head, her daughter caught a glimpse of the sketchbook and implored her mother to let her finish the artwork. Mrs. Hendricks relented, and thus began a strange new collaboration between a professional artist and a kid.


“I LOVED what she drew.  I had drawn a woman’s face, and she had turned her into a dinosaur-woman,” the artist said in her blog. “It was beautiful, it was carefree, and for as much as I don’t like to share, I LOVED what she had created.”

“Flipping through my sketchbook, I found another doodle of a face I had not yet finished.  She drew a body on it, too, and I was enthralled.  It was such a beautiful combination of my style and hers.  And she LOVED being a part of it.  She never hesitated in her intent.  She wasn’t tentative.  She was insistent and confident that she would of course improve any illustration I might have done.  …And the thing is, she DID.”

Every night Mrs. Hendricks would draw some faces for her daughter to add a body in the morning. Later she would add color and highlights, texture and painting, to make a complete piece. Sometimes the kid would fill in the solid areas with colored markers, but her mother would always finish with acrylics later on her own.

A selection of mother-daughter artwork is available for purchase as prints on Society6.

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