Driftwood Horse Sculptures by James Doran-Webb

Jan 21, 2014 9 comments

These majestic life-sized horses galloping through the sea were made from hundreds of pieces of driftwood salvaged from the shore by British-born artist James Doran-Webb. With the assistance of a team of talented craftsmen, Doran-Webb created these masterful artworks during a period of six months as part of celebrations to mark Chinese New Year in Singapore. The Chinese New Year celebrations is on January 31, and marks the coming Year of the Wooden Horse.


Each of the three sculptures stands at around 6ft tall and is made from roughly 400 pieces of driftwood of varying sizes built around a stainless steel skeleton. Each horse weighs around 500 kg and can take the weight of five people. The horses have moveable limbs and neck so they can be arranged into lifelike poses.

Doran-Webb comes from Birmingham but has been living in Cebu City in the Philippines for 26 years where he runs a workshop. The wood he uses in his sculptures has been salvaged from beaches and rivers around Cebu by a network of locals who Doran-Webb pays to collect it. Initially, Doran-Webb used to collet the driftwood himself in a kayak.

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via Daily Mail


  1. These are really beautiful. What a great life to live in a beautiful place and do what you most love :)

  2. I think there is some photoshopping going on here especially with him on the horse statues, they would tip too easily.

    1. I thought the splashing water created by the horses 'running' through the water may have been photoshopped, but on closer examination it seems they just threw stones to make the splash, and took photos.
      The article does mention the sculptures have a steel skeleton but you could be right, in that first photo with him riding it doesn't seem like all that weight could be resting on just the one leg unless that support is buried very deep.

    2. they threw stones to create the splash. :)

    3. Not photoshopped. You're just a cynical joyless person.

  3. Awesome! I'm slack jaw at the beauty, engineering and imagination. this work is alive!

  4. Great Post :)
    I really like your blog and I was wondering if it's possible to translate some of your content into another language into my blog ?
    Do you authorize that ? I mean can I get your permission to do that ?


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