Teodosio Sectio Aurea Creates Art by Casting Shadows

Jan 16, 2014 2 comments

Greek artist Teodosio Sectio Aurea creates intricate iron sculptures which, at first glance, might appear to be a tangled mass of metal and wire. But when this is placed against a source of light at the correct orientation, the objects cast shadows that magically take the form of a lady or some easily distinguishable shape.

Teodosio Sectio Aurea's artworks vary greatly in content, from beautiful women, and familiar masterpieces of Picasso, da Vinci and Michelangelo.

teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-9

teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-3

teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-5

teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-8

teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-10

teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-11

teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-13

teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-15

teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-16teodosio-sectio--a Aurea-1

[via Artistaday]


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