Brick Sculptures By Brad Spencer

Feb 20, 2014 4 comments

Brad Spencer is one of the very few artist in the world who creates sculptures from bricks. A BFA in Painting and Drawing from UNCG and an MFA in Sculpture, Brad has been a working sculptor since 1984. During his undergraduate work in painting, he took sculpture as an elective course, through which he discovered his calling.

Spencer’s mediums include clay, plaster, cement and bronze. In 1989 he began to experiment with bas relief sculpture in the brick medium that allowed him to use his experience in painting, drawing and sculpture. Spencer would carve unfired clay brick material in his Reidsville studio, then deconstruct the sculpture, brick by brick and have it fired. He would then reconstruct the sculpture using the fired bricks with mortar at the site of installation. He likes to involve the public when he reconstructs his work, even allowing onlookers to set a brick or two.


About brick sculpting, this is what Brad Spencer has to say:

Brick sculpture can be dated back to ancient Babylon but remains a fresh and interesting enhancement to any building, wall or environment. The brick medium has all the same characteristics of durability and low maintenance as a brick building, blends well in settings where other brick construction is present, looks good with landscaping and has a familiarity which is comforting to people. Brick sculpture adds intrigue and interest to a commonly understood material as viewers try to figure out the techniques by which it was created

Spencer has work in public spaces throughout the Southeast including Charlotte, Greenville, SC, and Asheville.











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  1. These are wonderful. It was so cool to be "home" (grew up in Greenville, SC) during the recent holidays and walk down a long-familiar street with my parents and get to see the work of someone who is now a friend, in a totally different context than usual. I don't remember seeing this "Open Book" one before; thank you for sharing these images!

    1. So, the rest of the sculptures are in SC? The Open Book is in uptown Charlotte, NC.

  2. Very fine work!!

  3. I would love to see this in Australia...Brick Art...Amazing Jane Alexander


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