Jordan Mang-osan Solar Pyrography Drawings

Oct 8, 2014 1 comments

Magnifying glasses are fascinating, even more, if you are a kid. I remember holding them in the sun burning holes on newspapers or trying to singe ants as they scurried across the ground. Soon I lost interest of the magnifying glass to new things as I grew up, just like everybody else, but not Jordan Mang-osan, who hasn't been able to give up his magnifying glass yet. Jordan Mang-osan, who hails from the mountain province of Cordilleras, in Philippines, uses his magnifying glass to etch beautiful drawings on the surface of wooden boards. Drawing inspiration from from the rich cultural traditions of Mt. Provinces, Mang-osan draws portraits of Philippines’ beautiful rice terraces, his native people and scenes from their culture.


Mang-osan started his artistic journey at the age of 19 with pieces depicting Cordilleran subjects using raw indigenous materials on acrylic on canvas, mixed media, pyrography and solar drawing on various surfaces such as handmade paper and wooden panel. In 1996, he started to help build Tam –Awan Village and Chanum Foudation standing as one of its founders with the aim to create an artist village in the midst of Baguio City which will feature the culture and way of life of the highlands.






via Visual News


  1. a fan of your're as true to the cause of this unique art as I was between 1983 and 2001, however our summers in Canada do not equal the many hours you require to do these master's pieces. Cudo's. MJ


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