Luxury Singaporean Apartment is Equipped With Sky Garages

Dec 23, 2014 1 comments

A newly opened high-rise apartment building in Singapore is offering owners the luxury of parking their cars in elevated car porches, right next to their living room, high up in the sky. Called “Sky Garages”, the Hamilton Scott features a biometrically-controlled elevator that delivers and park cars right beside homeowners’ lavish living spaces. A glass wall separates the garage from the living room, allowing owners to proudly display as well as keep a close eye on their beloved and expensive toys from the couch.

Hamilton Scott is located within walking distance of the famous orchard road district in Singapore, a city notorious for the lack of open spaces. Although a multi-level parking for the residents would have sufficed, the developers decided to do something that few people have done before - being their cars to their living rooms. The process begins at the basement, at a designated point where drivers stop their vehicles. They exit the car and undergo a biometric scan, whereupon elevators take the car up to the correct unit. The entire procedure in automated and driver-less.


The 30-story building has 56 units, and each residential unit is equipped with two parking spaces. The condominium also includes a couple of penthouse units with interior customized to buyer specifications, serviced by an internal lift and come with a rooftop garden and swimming pool. They can accommodate four cars each.

Developed by Hayden Properties, Hamilton Scott is the first apartment building in Asia to feature car parking within the apartment units. Units are priced at around $9.4 million to about $23.5 million.


Cars approach the high-rise project in central Singapore.


Cars enter the complex at ground floor level


The car enters the elevator.


The car is driven onto a rotating platform before the owner exits the vehicle


The resident then selected their personal sky garage


The car is then elevated into position



Sources: Born Rich / Design Boom / Daily Mail via Oddity Central

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  1. Wow, looks really cool. It would be really cool if my Tesla car would be parked in my penthouse apartment. Hmm... :)


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