The Pyramid Tomb of Nicholas Cage

Apr 28, 2015 5 comments

Last time I checked, Nicholas Cage was not dead. Neither he was a Pharaoh. Yet, he has his own pyramid tomb in the thickly populated St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, apparently built in anticipation of his death.

Saint Louis Cemetery is a two-hundred-year-old cemetery located in New Orleans, in Louisiana, that holds the remains of some of the city’s most famous personalities including the voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Despite being already congested, in 2010, Hollywood star Nicholas Cage managed to acquire a rather large plot in his name, where he built a stark, nine-foot-tall stone pyramid. The pyramid bears no inscription but the Latin motto "Omnia Ab Uno", which translates as "Everything From One".


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While there is no doubt, the pyramid was chosen by the actor to be his final resting place, Nicolas Cage himself has never made a public declaration as to why he bought the pyramid-shaped tomb. Some speculate that the actor prescribes to the beliefs of the illuminati, others attempt to make a weak connection to the picture of a pyramid that appeared on the poster of the movie “National Treasure” in which Nicholas Cage acted. There is even a wild theory that the pyramid is full of gold and cash that the actor is trying to shelter.

Public opinion is divided. Purists hate Cage's pyramid, tour guides ridicule him and New Orleans locals are furious that he was even able to obtain a plot the size of four ordinary burial plots in the cramped graveyard. Female fans, on the other hand, love it – leaving lipstick prints on Cage’s tomb.


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Sources: Wgno / Roadside America / Atlas Obscura


  1. Is it waterproof?

  2. He has the money to get what he wants , get over it.

    1. Not enough money to buy a real pyramid.

  3. ... don't think my first comment showed so..
    Why is the up close photo brown when the pyramid is white??? I live in Louisiana and I haven't heard of this at all..seems like I would have. Gonna have to check this story since everything nowadays is photoshopped .


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