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The Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum

Timmelsjoch is a high mountain pass on Ötztal Alps along the border between Austria and Italy. The pass connects the Ötztal valley in the Austrian state of Tyrol to the Passeier Valley in the Italian province of South Tyrol, as it bridges the saddle point between the Jochköpfl and Wurmkogl peaks to its northeast and southwest, respectively. Since 2010, several architectural sculptures were erected along the pass that enlighten travellers about the natural surroundings, the history, the culture, the communities and the economy of the region. One of these sculptures - the Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum, designed by Werner Tscholl Architects, is located on the highest point of the Timmelscjoch pass.


The concrete structure has its foundation on an erratic boulder on the North Tyrolean side but protrudes 16 meters into South Tyrol, hanging over the air like a cantilever. The shape and the discreet coloring of the museum integrate the building in its natural surroundings. The inside resembles an ice cave, with historical photos behind glass at the walls that showcase the history of this road across the high Alps.

Timmelsjoch pass is little-used by vehicular traffic because there is much easier and lower Brenner Pass some 25 km to its east, and Reschen Pass some 60 km to its west. The pass is, however, popular with car and motorbike tourists. With its dramatic scenery, particularly on the southern side, the road has also become popular with cyclists. The pass road is open to traffic from approximately the first half of June to the second half of October. Due to its elevation, steepness, and narrow road, the pass is closed to lorries and vehicles with trailers.









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