Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse’s No-Tie Policy

May 7, 2015 6 comments

The Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery is a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, the United States, known for its delicious steaks and its rigorously enforced no-necktie dress code. If anybody is found wearing a necktie, someone will sneak up on them with a pair of scissors and cut it off. The clipped necktie then joins thousands of others hanging from the ceiling like trophies reminding everyone to never, ever, walk into this place wearing a necktie. According to their website, the owners of Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse has cut over a million ties from unsuspecting customers.

Pinnacle Peak was first opened in 1957 as a general store and rest stop for travelers heading to nearby lakes. To boost sales of his small business, the owner began serving dinner on the weekends. The success of the weekend cookout encouraged him to abandon his current business and open a full fledged restaurant instead. Today, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse is said to be the “world's largest western steakhouse” with seating capacity for 1,800 people inside.


Victim’s necktie hang from the ceilings inside Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse. Photo credit

The "no necktie" tradition was started one night when a Phoenix executive came in for dinner. The original owner, wanting to keep the atmosphere in his restaurant casual, told the executive, "Either you take that tie off, or I'll cut it off." The executive did not take heed and was appalled when the owner pulled out a butcher knife and promptly cut off the offending cravat.

Wanting to be recognized as a victim of this absurd policy, the executive demanded that his tie be prominently displayed for all to see. So the necktie was stapled to the rafters along with a business card identifying its victim, and a tradition was born.


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  1. To hell with the ties, I would of like to see the seating for 1800 people. That's at least 200 or more tables. I find it hard to believe.

  2. Had plenty of ties cut off in the el cajon, ca location. Probably closed now.

  3. So long as there is a prominently displayed sign at the entrance, I have no problem with this policy.

  4. i remember going to Trail Dust Steakhouse somewhere in the Dallas TX area back in the mid 90s..
    same tie-cutting concept.. but they had a 2 story slide for kids. that was pretty cool.

  5. It's not the only one:
    or their awful site: but its a very good steakhouse. It's in Lisbon, Portugal.

  6. When I went there many years ago, they had the best tasting Big Cowboy Porterhouse steaks, my hubby and I would share sometimes, but most of the time we would buy two, and take some home. The Cowboy beans salad and the Margaritas.. Wonderful ,love the atmostphere too. sawdust on the floor, no garish/glare lighting. I would like to have the Colton Ca. phone # for Pinnacle Peak Patio Steak House on W. La Cadena, Colton Ca.


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