The United Tower in Bahrain Bay Looks Like a Drill Bit

Jun 19, 2015 6 comments

A dramatically twisting tower is being developed in Bahrain which will house a five-star hotel of the Wyndham Hotel Group scheduled to open sometime later this year. The 50-storey tall United Tower, developed by Cooperation Investment House and constructed by Ahmed Al Qaed Construction, is located in Bahrain Bay, a $2.5 billion waterfront district in the form of a man made island in the Arabian Gulf, close to the city of Manama and a small distance away from Bahrain Financial Harbour. When complete, the development will include business, retail and residential areas, catering to both business and leisure travelers. Aside from Wyndham Hotel Group, other luxury hotel operators such as the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and J W Marriott Hotels, as well as various corporations and banks have already secured space on Bahrain Bay.


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Uniquely designed as a twirling structure, this magnificent development is already creating a buzz at Bahrain Bay, known for its many iconic structures, its sophisticated design and landscaping. The tower rises from an octagonal floor plate, twisting counter clockwise, and has uninterrupted 360 degree views of the bay and the Corniche.

The five-star Wyndham Grand Collection Manama will occupy 14 floors of the structure and will have more than 260 spacious guest rooms ranging from 46 to 120 square meters, 500 square meters of meeting space and a 900 square meters ballroom on the building’s top floor with impressive sea views. The property also offers 20 floors of mixed use development combining modern commercial office and retail space.

“This is an incredibly dynamic and exciting development,” said Bani Haddad, regional vice president Middle East & Africa, Wyndham Hotel Group. “Each Wyndham Grand hotel takes in some of the flavour of its destination and this modern, cosmopolitan setting will be reflected in the hotel along with historical Bahraini influences. It is a fantastic setting and a great property for this distinguished collection.”

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United Tower during construction. Photo credit 


Overview of Bahrain Bay. Photo credit


Artist’s depiction of how Bahrain Bay will look when complete. Photo credit


Artist’s depiction of how Bahrain Bay will look when complete. Photo credit



  1. All this unnecessary waste of time and money and all the poor people on the other hand, very sad...

    1. it's not a waste of money, it will actually makes some money but of course ur just another Arab envious
      by the way have you done any good for poor people today?

    2. better they spend their money on this than on one of the much less productive and more destructive of their endeavors. At least this one gives the "poor" some jobs.

  2. It will make for nice ruinscapes after the next gulf war....waste of money, but most importantly waste of ARAB money. Get em back to selling dates and oysters like God meant them too.

  3. Looks more like an endmill than a drill bit.

  4. Do we really have to troll? I mean this site is called amusingplanet, not facebook, twitter, youtube, etc


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