SAIL Amsterdam

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SAIL Amsterdam is one of the biggest attractions in Amsterdam and the greatest nautical spectacle in the world where scores of tall ships and hundreds of other historical ships gather along the river IJ for an amazing parade. The event is organized once every five years, usually between August 19 to August 23, during which the ships take part in various events such sailor choirs or re-enactments of naval battles. On the wharfs, the SAIL program organizes music and sporting events and children’s activities, and spectacular fireworks shows at night. Aside from the participating ships, thousands of smaller yacht and boats filled with spectators join them creating a unique sight.

The event was first held in August 1975 under the name 'Sail Amsterdam 700' to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Amsterdam. At that time, interest in tall ships, which had sunk to a low since the 1930s when the last commercial tall ships had been built, was starting to rise. The success of Sail Amsterdam 700 led to the establishment of the Stichting Sail Amsterdam (SSA, Foundation Sail Amsterdam). Since then the SSA has been organizing the event every 5 years.


As many as 8,000 boats gathered during SAIL Amsterdam 2000. Photo credit

SAIL Amsterdam is believed to be inspired by the Eerste Nederlandse Tentoonstelling op Scheepvaartgebied  — literally, “the First Dutch Exhibition in Shipping Technology”, that was organized in the summer of 1913. In addition to the real ships that visited Amsterdam, there were exhibitions that displayed models of modern boats, and paintings and drawings of historic ships. Concerts and rowing competitions were also organized. As with SAIL Amsterdam, the exhibition ended with a large fireworks.

Sail Amsterdam 2015, the ninth edition of the sailing event, will be held on scheduled date of 19 August until 23 August 23, and is expected to be attended by 2 million people.


Photo credit


Photo credit


Crowds at SAIL Amsterdam 2010. Photo credit


Photo credit


A photo of the Sail-in Parade of Sail Amsterdam 2010. Photo credit


Photo credit


A sail boat during SAIL Amsterdam 2010. Photo credit


Amerigo Vespucci at SAIL Amsterdam 2005. Photo credit

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