The Ninety Mile Beach, Australia

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There are a lot of long and straight things in Australia: a 145-km stretch of road without a turning, a 478-km stretch of dead-straight railway track — the longest in the world, and the world’s longest dog fence at over 5,600 km. The Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria, is likewise, one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in the world.

The beach lies in the Gippsland region on Victoria's south-eastern coastline, and runs for 151 kilometers (94 miles) from a spit near Port Albert to the man-made channel at Lakes Entrance. Behind the beach are long sandy dunes that separates the Gippsland Lakes — the largest inland water system in the Southern Hemisphere — from Bass Strait. Stretching as far as the eye can see it is one of the most natural and unspoilt beaches in the world with no rocky headlands or platforms, just miles and miles of sand.


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Beneath the water, the vast plains of sand stretch in every direction and provide refuge to diverse marine life. In fact, they are known to have one of the highest species diversity levels of any place on the planet, with 860 species discovered within 10 square meters. These sand dwelling critters can include tube building worms, small molluscs and many tiny crustaceans, but less common and larger animals such as octopuses, brittle stars, crabs, coral and innumerable variety of fishes can also be found.

Ninety Mile Beach attracts a large number of visitors each year. Popular costal towns along the coastline caters to the tourists and offers a variety of activities such as camping, picnicking, whale watching, and beach and water-based activities. The Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park is also located along the beach and occupies a 5-km stretch of the coastline. This section runs alongside the slender strip of sand dunes that protect the Gippsland Lakes.


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  1. Actually, Casino's Beach in RIo Grande do Sul, the south most state of Brazil, is the longest beach of the world with more than 254 km of extension.


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