These Streetlights in Jerusalem Bloom Like Giant Flowers

Oct 30, 2015 1 comments

Tel Aviv based HQ architects has created an urban installation called “Warde” located in Vallero Square, in the heart of Jerusalem. Warde is composed of four inflatable flowers, 9 meters high and 9 meters wide, that react to pedestrians walking by, by opening up and providing a place of temporary shade. The project is part of the municipality’s effort to improve the urban space, which in the case of Vallero Square, is in very poor state. The square is currently divided by a tram line into two urban spaces filled with inevitable urban facilities such as waste composters and electricity sub-station.


Photo credit: HQ architects

Warde’s attempt were not to fight the chaos, but instead to try and lighten up the urban space. In the words of the developers, “to spread around such fantastic elements that would overcome the reality of the square on one-hand, and will be able to stand for themselves in the non-realistic situation of Jerusalem on the other.”

The four giants flowers are carefully positioned to be viewed from all around the square and from the market near by. Each one is separately inflated and reacts to the situation around it, so that whenever pedestrians walk by, the flowers inflate and open up, and then deflate and close as the people walk away. The installation thus serves as a canopy, giving shade to any passer-by that stays under the flowers. The flowers also react to the trams approaching the station, causing all four flowers to inflate at once and signal the shoppers to hurry if they want to catch the tram.


Photo credit: HQ architects


Photo credit: HQ architects


Photo credit: HQ architects


Photo credit: HQ architects


Photo credit: HQ architects


Photo credit: HQ architects


Photo credit: HQ architects

Sources: Design Boom / Arch Daily via Curiosités of vitam


  1. What a brilliant idea! :-) These should be in many more places around the world!


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