The Flower Tower of Paris

Nov 20, 2015 3 comments

In Paris's 17th arrondissement is a 10-story apartment building that’s so completely covered with potted plants that the building itself is invisible. Each flower pot is dense with foliage from rapidly growing bamboo plants. With 380 such irregularly spaced flower pots lining the balconies on three sides of the building, the entire apartment block appears to be a giant display of potted plants.

The building called “Flower Tower” was designed by Edouard François, who drew inspiration from Parisians who habitually cultivate even the most tiniest balcony, nurturing surprising greenery in this tightly packed, densely occupied city.


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The pots are fixed to the balconies and fed by an automatic watering system to ensure that the plants do not die during the long holidays Paris residents in the height of summer. Bamboo was chosen because it is a hardy and fast growing plant, but also because it makes a noise in the wind, "giving the impression to those inside that they are sleeping in a tree" explained Edouard François.


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Photo credit: Edouard François


Photo credit: Edouard François


Photo credit: Edouard François


Photo credit: Edouard François


Photo credit: Edouard François

Sources: Paris Invisible / The Guardian


  1. I think that's a beautiful way to green up an area of apartment buildings.

  2. Would love to fall asleep listening to the wind rustling in the leaves! Also think of all that extra CO2 readily available. This is brilliant.

    1. It's not just the leaves rustling.
      Bamboo produces a distinctive creaking sound as it sways. For me it would take me back to nights in South-East Asia.


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