Upside Down Houses Around The World

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A clichéd yet popular tourist attraction that never fails to amuse is an upside down house, with a faithfully reproduced exterior and interior with inverted furniture, doorways and windows. These houses can be found all over the world either as part of an amusement park or a tourist attraction on its own. Let us look at some of the best made upside down houses.


WonderWorks is a museum and learning center focused on science exhibits, located in numerous places in the US — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Orlando, Florida; Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Panama City Beach, Florida; and Syracuse, New York. With the exception of New York, each location features an upside down building that appears to have crashed on to the earth with telltale signs of cracks and wreckage. The building is very well done on the outside.


WonderWorks in Orlando, Florida. Photo credit: Carlos Rios/Flickr


In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Photo credit: Valerie/Flickr


In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Photo credit: Myrtle Beach TheDigitel/Flickr

Haus steht Kopf, Tirol, Austria

Opened in 2012, this upside down house is a popular attraction in the Austrian village of Tirol. Inside the disorienting house all the furniture is stuck to the ceiling, including a VW Beetle in the garage that looks it could crash to the floor at any moment.


Photo credit:


Photo credit:


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Upside Down House, Niagara Falls

The Upside Down House in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is a two-bedroom, 1,200-square-foot house built by two Polish immigrants who originally came to Niagara Falls in 2004. All the rooms in the house — the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, etc.— are upside down and full furniture and other details mounted on the ceiling, with the floor significantly angled.


Photo credit: Mark Klinchin/Panoramio

Die Welt steht Kopf

Die Welt steht Kopf means “Upside down world” in German. The house is located in Trassenheide on the Island of Usedom, Germany.


Photo credit: Pascal Willuhn/Flickr

Das tolle Haus am Edersee

Das tolle Haus am Edersee or “the great house of Edersee” is located in Hessen, Germany.

ukl123 Das tolle Haus am Edersee in Affoldern soll Ostern eröffnen

Photo credit:


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Upside Down House in Szymbark

The only one in Poland, this upside down house is located in the Centre of Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark. The house stands on its roof, where visitors walk on the ceilings and is decorated in the socialist style of the 1970’s.

Photo credit: unknown

Upside Down House in Bayern, Germany

This house is located at the entrance of a small theme-park called "Wald-Wipfel-Weg" in Bayern, Germany.


Photo credit:

House of Kathmandu Park

This upside-down house is located in Kathmandu Park, an amusement park in the Balearic Islands in Spain.


Photo credit:

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