Kastrup Sea Bath: An Outdoor Swimming Pool in The Sea

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Kastrup Sea Bath is part of the Kastrup Strandpark waterfront park on the east coast of Amager in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s an outdoor swimming poor that sits at the end of a hundred-meter-long wooden pier extending into the Baltic Sea. The wooden structure is shaped like a conch, scrolling up and around gradually increasing in height until it culminates in a five-foot high diving platform. The circular wall faces away from the sea and acts as a shelter, protecting swimmers from the wind. The shape opens up towards the beach inviting visitors inside. The whole structure is made from high-grade Azobe wood, an African wood that is said to be harder than steel and is able to withstand the harsh salt water conditions.


Photo credit: White Arkitekter

Kastrup Sea Bath is free of admission and open to the public at all times, all round the year. There are plenty of spaces to rest and sunbath on the deck and on the circular platform. A continuous bench runs along the pier, thus creating an additional rest and leisure area. Changing facilities are also located within the structure.

Kastrup Sea Bath was designed by Danish architect Fredrik Pettersson, from the firm White Arkitekter, and opened in 2005.

“My idea was to achieve a sculptural, dynamic form that can be seen from the land, from the sea and from the air,” said Pettersson.

At night the structure is beautifully lit up to emphasize the sculptural architectural design, offering a dramatic experience of the place at night and during the long dark off-season.


Photo credit: White Arkitekter


Photo credit: Jonathan Rieke/Flickr


Photo credit: White Arkitekter


Photo credit: Jonathan Rieke/Flickr


Photo credit: White Arkitekter


Photo credit: White Arkitekter


Photo credit: White Arkitekter


Photo credit: www.anuala.ro


Photo credit: White Arkitekter


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