Plane With Detachable Cabin Makes Surviving Air Crash Possible

Jan 18, 2016 4 comments

Russian Ukrainian aviation engineer Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich has unveiled a new design for an airplane that might just make surviving an air crash a possibility. Nikolaevich’s design consist of a detachable cabin that could be ejected at any time during take off, mid-flight or landing and allow the passengers to land safely. Parachutes will be attached to the roof of the cabin that would be released when the cabin is detached from the plane. To make the impact of the landing softer, there would be rubber tubes that would inflate and cushion the impact. The inflatable tubes can also keep the cabin afloat in case of a water landing. The prototype also includes storage space designed to hold luggage under the cabin, so that passengers wouldn’t lose any of their personal belongings.

vladimir-nikolaevich-detachable-cabin- 2

“While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor,” said Nikolaevich.

Nikolaevich claims that 95% percent of those he surveyed are in favor of paying more for airplane tickets if the detachable cabin were to become a standard feature. Not everyone is completely on-board with the idea though. Some people are questioning the cost-effectiveness while others are wondering whether the cabin will safely land or smash into mountains or buildings. Some are even asking what will happen to the pilots.

The new design could also dramatically weaken the airframe “because now you have joints and fittings to connect a fuselage and a body together where once you had a whole fuselage to reinforce the airframe."

vladimir-nikolaevich-detachable-cabin- 3

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via The Independent and Bored Panda


  1. That is a fantastic idea! :-) and of course, measures would have to be taken to make sure the cabin does not detach itself by accident either.

  2. Surely this is being tested on scale models to confirm passenger viability based on having two parachutes function at exact same moment. What would a possible G-force be on deployment for those not strapped in like an astronaut?

    1. Somewhat less than the g-forces of a full-speed terminal impact. You're right, though; somebody would sue for injuries caused when the parachutes deployed. Better to let them all die.

  3. Maybe put parachutes on the whole plane, bigger parachutes though.


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