The Best Drone Photography of 2015

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Drone photography has becoming increasingly popular, and thanks to communities like Dronestagram, drone fliers from around the world are taking and sharing stunning aerial images that wouldn’t have been possible a few years back without an airplane. “Drone photography is a new kind of visual language,” says Dronestagram CEO and founder Eric Dupin. “It’s a new way of seeing the world.”

Dronestagram now has more than 30,000 registered users and the numbers will only continue to grow.

Last year, Dronestagram partnered with National Geographic, GoPro, Adobe and other notable companies to hold the 2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest. Over 5,000 entries were received. The contest was judged by National Geographic Deputy Director of Photography Ken Geiger, National Geographic France Editor in Chief Jean-Pierre Vrignaud, and Dronestagram CEO Eric Dupin.


1st Prize Winner – Category Nature: Snorkeling with sharks by Tahitiflyshoot

“Drone images can be made where no other image can,” says Geiger, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer. “It’s like the ultimate selfie-stick.”

Let's take a look at the some of the aerial imagery that rose to the top.


1st Prize Winner – Category Places: Above the mist by Ricardo Matiello


2nd Prize Winner – Category Nature: La Jolla by kdilliard


2nd Prize Winner – Category places: Mont-Saint-Michel, by Wanaiifilms


3rd Prize Winner – Category places: Tulip fileds


3rd Prize Winner – Category Nature: Lost island, Tahaa, French Polynesia, by Marama Photo Video


1st Prize Winner – Category Dronies: Where’s Wally, Limassol Carnaval, Cyprus by FlyovermediaCy


2nd Prize Winner – Popular Prizes (most liked picture): Plovidv by night, Bulgaria by Ice Fire


3rd Prize Winner – Popular Prizes (most liked picture): Glorieto Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico by Wootsor


Autodrome st-eustache, Canada by DCPE


Family of storks in the nest on an electric pole by Myszon


Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Alexandre Salem   


Jardin de corail dans le lagon de Taha’a – Polynésie Française, by Marama Photo Video


Xiwei Reservoir, Zoucheng, Shandong, China, by AmbroseLune


Moissons près de Metz, Lorraine, photo par drone, by Ookpik   


Pont sur le Rhone, photo par drone, Rhone-Alpes, France, by Ookpik


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