The Town of Bull Puns

Oct 27, 2016 5 comments

One hundred sixty kilometers north of Wellington, in New Zealand, at the junction of State Highways 1 and 3, lies the small town of Bulls. You’ll know when you reach it when you see the welcoming sign: “Herd of bulls? It's a town like no udder.”

Named after James Bull, an English settler who established the first general store in the town in 1862, Bulls' residents and businesses have made the most of its name with puns galore. Every local business, shop and even the town administration plays along with the punning. The police station is called “Const-a-bull”, the church “Forgive-a-bull”, and the medical center “Cure-a-bull”. Likewise, the town hall is “Social-a-bull”, the tourist information center “Inform-a-bull” and all the publics loos are “Reliev-a-bull”. The gift shop is “Desire-a-bull”, and a cold store “Freeze-a-bull”. The pun just never stops. Even its sister city is the cleverly picked Cowes, in England.


Photo credit: Flickr users eyeintim, studio tdes, studio tdes, Tim Welbourn

Other than its childish puns, there’s not much to see around Bulls. There is a Bulls Museum, housed in a former stables building, containing an extensive collection of items used by the early settler as well as a large collection of mounted rifles exhibit about World War I. There is also an art gallery that also sells local art, gifts and antiques.


Photo credit: Paul Kelly/Flickr


Photo credit: studio tdes/Flickr


Photo credit: studio tdes/Flickr


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Photo credit: Tim Welbourne/Flickr


Photo credit: studio tdes/Flickr


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Photo credit: Tim Welbourn/Flickr

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  1. The town is called "Bulls". In the very first sentence you spelled it wrong! This means also that it's Bulls' or Bulls's throughout the entire article. The signs in all the pictures should have been a hint. Also the fact that the logo has two bull plural in it.

    I'm not even from Bulls. I just think it is the worst mistake for a journalist to make: misspelling, or inaccurately reporting the subject of the article.

  2. Pretty funny ... except that the town name is "Bulls", not "Bull". #proudKiwi

  3. The picture under ''Soci-a-bull'' is nice and Col-A-Bull.


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