Tiny Fairy Houses of Isle of Man

Nov 15, 2018 0 comments

Tiny adorable “fairy houses” are popping all over Isle of Man, a small island sandwiched between Great Britain and Ireland, in the past few weeks. These delightful fortresses and palaces have appeared in glens, beaches, on hillsides and on top of walls.

The fairy houses were created by the Swedish art collective Anonymouse MMX, who has a reputation for leaving miniature creations around the world, including houses for mice, "the world's smallest bookstore" and a tiny amusement park.


The Isle of Man has a long history with fairies and little people. There is a small bridge over the Santon Burn called Fairy Bridge where it is a tradition to greet fairies when crossing it. Failing to do so is considered unlucky.

Yasha Mousekewitz of Anonymouse MMX said they learned about Manx fairy folklore through fellow miniature enthusiasts in the UK. The folk stories delighted Mousekewitz and group decided to build miniature houses and place them around the island to spread the magic of the fairies. The houses are made from a range of materials like stone, wood, copper, antique glass and even paper clips. They stand about 12 inches tall and were built in Malmo, Sweden, before being transported to the island.

“Much of our work is trying to make sure they fit organically into the scenery,” she said. “We want it to look like they've always been there.”

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