Vellir: This Icelandic Geyser is in The Middle of a River

Jun 6, 2019 0 comments

Vellir-Árhver geyser

Iceland has many geysers but none is stranger than Vellir, also known as Árhver, because it is located smack in the middle of a flowing river.

Located not far from the town of Reykholt, Vellir consist of a cone of cemented clay and gravel which can be clearly seen when the water level in the Reykjadalsá river is low, but at high water levels, the cone usually remains submerged. There are several other vents on small flats in the middle of the river, but only Vellir is more active with constantly boiling water.

In earlier times, Vellir used to shoot water five feet into the air, but the geyser’s activity has been slowing down in recent years. Now it only bubbles and emits steam. According to some sources, the geyser erupts only when you add soap to it—a totally inadvisable practice.

Leading image by Reinhold Richter/Flickr

Vellir-Árhver geyser

Photo credit: Reykholt/Wikimedia

Vellir-Árhver geyser

Photo credit: Bromr/Wikimedia


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