'Giant Mermaid' Sculpture in Hamburg's Alster Lake

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A giant sculpture of a woman bathing in the picturesque Alster Lake in Hamburg, Germany, has caught the attention of both tourist and locals. The 12-foot-tall floating artwork was designed in three pieces by artist Oliver Voss, advertising executive and head of the advertising academy Miami Ad School. The sculpture was sponsored by a cosmetics company named Soap & Glory.

I’m not sure why this sculpture is called ‘mermaid’ as one can distinctly see her legs.


Photo: Axel Heimken / AP


Photo credit


Photo credit


Photo credit


Photo: Marcus Brandt / EPA


Photo: Reuters via DesignYourTrust


Photo: Reuters via DesignYourTrust

Story: AOL

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1 comment:

  1. It'd be cooler if it were actually a mermaid sculpture. The night time shot is pretty awesome!


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