Terrifying Glass Skywalk on the Side of Tianmen Mountain



Jutting out from a sheer cliff 1,430 meters high, the glass skywalk in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park offers sightseers terrifying thrills and clear view of the mountains below as they tread nervously across the 60 meter long bridge encircling the vertical cliffs of Tianmen Mountain in Hunan province. The 3ft-wide, 2.5in thick glass walkway is so scary that sightseers are requested to wear cloth slip-ons over their shoes when they cross the skywalk, presumably to make the job easier for the cleaners.

No matter how terrifying the glass skywalk looks, it can only be an improvement from the treacherous road made of wooden planks thousands of feet high on the sides of the Huashan Mountain, located in the south of Huayin city.







[via HuffingtonPost]

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  1. Sigh! The cloth slip-ons are used as not to scratch and destroy the surface of the glass.
    Must be a pretty impressive view through the glass...

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  8. I am a different Anonymous.

    How about that scary, yes terrifying glass sidewalk built on the side of Tianmen Mountain? I am not sure I could do it, that is, walk on it. I might freak out!

    Not so anonymously,

    Yuan Bao

  9. Found that 1 a while back but not this many pics. Reminds me of the CN tower in Toronto. On glass too. Then, there's the restaurant (mmmm... I had quail and for desert, a chocolate souffle with warm raspberry sauce and mint leaves!). And way above that is an outdoor viewing area that is meant to swing over 20 feet in high winds! Amazing!

    1. I have been on the glass floor in the CN tower. I weight over 300 lbs and would have preferred that someone larger than me had walked on it first so that I could have seen that it held them but that was not to be. So I just gave it a go. You would never get me on the side of that mountain.

  10. The National Park has a spectacular site, the cable car ride to the top of Tianamen Mountain is something must not be missed. And you can see the whole Zhangjiajie city from the mountains. More Photos: http://www.worldfortravel.com/2013/08/08/zhangjiajie-tianmen-mountain-national-park-china/


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