V8 Car Themed Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany


Located in Stuttgart, Germany - a German international hub for car dealers - the V8 Hotel is a paradise for car enthusiasts. The hotel features 10 different themed rooms dedicated to themes related to the automobile world – from car wash and tuning to drive-in cinema and racing. All rooms are equipped with unique props and memorabilia and are furnished with genuine car parts. For instance, the drive-in theatre themed room comes with a starry ceiling, studio lamps and a big-screen TV. Often the nose of a vintage car will be grafted into footboard of the bed ensuring a surreal experience for the visitors.

The V8 Hotel is housed on a building that once served as the terminal for the Boblingen Airport, opened in 1915. Boblingen was used as docking station for flights of the Graf Zeppelin in the late 1920s, and it was home to a squadron of ME-109 fighter aircraft during the Second World War. Being near to the industrial hub of Stuttgart meant that Boblingen Airport was an obvious target for Allied bombers and it was completely shattered by the end of the war.


The decision to rebuild Boblingen as a hotel was not made until recently. This remarkable hotel opened in 2009 after breakneck renovations and rebuilding work. The V8 Hotel occupies only half of the terminal building, the other half is shared by the Meilenwerk, an auto museum that offers car enthusiast a rare look at a fascinating collection of classic, vintage and collector cars, and everything else related automobiles.

Meilenwerk, together with the V8 Hotel, is a must visit for car enthusiast.













Sources: NationalPost, V8Hotel.de

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  1. The Dino 246 had a V6 engine...

  2. I don't think you should take it too literally, I don't know of many bikes with V8s either...


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