Terrifying Glass-Bottomed Bridge Opens in China

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China’s latest attraction is a glass-bottomed suspension bridge that straddles two rocky peaks, 300 meters apart, in Pingjiang county, in the province of Hunan, southern China. The bridge hangs 180 meters above ground, and actually sways with the wind, as if the glass bottom wasn’t terrifying enough. If anyone becomes paralyzed with fear, specially trained staff is available who will encourage and coax fear-stricken tourist to make the journey across.

“We have had a few people say it’s too scary but I have pointed out that if they feel scared, they should think about the person that has to clean underneath. That usually gets people moving,” a spokesperson told Metro.

The new glass bridge joins another vertigo inducing attraction – the glass-bottomed cliff-side pathway in Zhangjiajie, China, perched 1,900 meters above sea level, on the side of the Tianmen Mountain.








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