Memorial Museum of Astronautics, Moscow

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The Memorial Museum of Astronautics (also known as the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics or Memorial Museum of Space Exploration) is a museum in Moscow, Russia, dedicated to space exploration. It is located within the base of the soaring Monument to the Conquerors of Space in the northeast of the city. The museum contains a wide variety of space-related exhibits and models which explore the history of flight; astronomy; space exploration; space technology; and space in the arts. According to the Russian tourist board, the museum's collection holds approximately 85,000 different items, and receives approximately 300,000 visitors yearly.

astronautic-museum (16)

This photo gallery shows some of the exhibits from the museum.

astronautic-museum (6)

Mock-up of the Vostok spacecraft.

astronautic-museum2 (15)

Sputnik satellite (broken apart to show the insides)

astronautic-museum2 (6)

he Sputnik 2 which put into orbit the Laika dog on November 3, 1957.

astronautic-museum (8)

astronautic-museum (9)

Automated probe Luna-9. First probe to soft land on the Moon on February 3, 1966, in the Storm ocean, and to transmit panoramic picture of the Moon’s soil.

astronautic-museum (15)

Rocket propulsion units, RD-214.

astronautic-museum (24)

RD-107 engine.

astronautic-museum (37)

Probe of kind Luna-16 for returning Moon soil sample and the return capsule, launched on Septemnber 24, 1970.

astronautic-museum (38)

Lunakhod Lunar rover launched in 1970 and 1973.

astronautic-museum (42)

Venera-9 and Venera-10 probes. Launched on June 8 and 14, 1975. Those two probes soft landed on Venus on October 22 and 25, 1975 (at 2200 km of each other). For the first time in the world a panorama picture of the Venusian’s soil was transmitted to Earth while the orbital probes studied the planet.

astronautic-museum2 (5)

Kosmos-97 satellite. First Earth study satellite for telecomunications studies. Launched on November 26, 1965.

astronautic-museum (50)

Inside the descent module of a Soyuz spacecraft.

astronautic-museum2 (1)

Space capsule used by Yuri Gagarin.

astronautic-museum2 (7)

Ejectable module (seat) of the Vostok spacecraft, which can contain a dog or others animals.

astronautic-museum2 (11)

KVANT-2 module of MIR space station

astronautic-museum2 (13)

Mock-up of the orbital station Soyuz.

astronautic-museum2 (2)

Poster art of the Soviet space program.

astronautic-museum2 (3)

Crew manual from Apollo-Soyuz (1974), in Russian and English.

astronautic-museum2 (4)

Soviet Krechet spacesuit.

Sources: Wikipedia, Buran News


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