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Gorgeous Pictures of Highway Interchanges by Peter Andrew

High Interchanges is a set of beautiful aerial photos of intricate freeway interchanges in Texas by the award-winning commercial and fine art photographer Peter Andrew. Peter plans capture highway interchanges around the globe. In his own words:

I was drawn to these structures because they are easily overlooked and yet ubiquitous in most western cities. Everyday cars flow over these highway junctions like the concrete arteries of city’s cardiovascular system. I love having the chance to watch them moving while I am shooting from above. I ask the viewer to closely examine the traffic, terrain, and surrounding architecture in the images. My interest is in observing the differences seen between them. Some are slick and chaotic while others appear chipped-up and old but at the same time neat and symmetrical. This is an ongoing series that will soon feature the highway stacks of the State of Texas.









[via Paranoias and Petapixel]

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