The Subway in Zion National Park

Dec 13, 2011 6 comments

Zion National Park may not have trains but it’s already got a subway. The canyon’s natural Subway is spectacular tunnel sculpted by two curved canyon walls. Deep inside the tubular tunnel glimmers of sunlight trickle into the darkness, allowing algae to grow in the water filled potholes. The green flora creates an eerie turquoise glow that radiates throughout the spectacular chamber. The crystal clear water splashing through this picturesque setting meanders over polished rock to the open canyon below.

From Zion

The narrow Subway section of this hike forces hikers through a unique tunnel sculpted by the Left Fork of North Creek. Churning water chisels the rock floor, forming shallow potholes that fill to the brim with frosty water. Silhouettes dance freely on multi-colored walls where only a trickle of sun light penetrates into the curved chamber of the Subway. Falling water echoes in the nature carved tunnel where dragonflies dart, frogs laze about and shimmering emerald pools tempt cold hikers to dawdle.

The Subway is a popular spot among hikers.


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  1. oh my god !..
    it look so beautiful.. @_@>

  2. woooooww a truly beautiful place.

  3. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. The rest of the story: the colors are not always like this. Certain times of days color rocks or pools in one area and not others. Furthermore, you reach the "subway" after a hike through the canyon, which closes often because of flash flood! When I went, we couldn't go in!


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