Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg

Dec 27, 2011 2 comments

Twins Days is an annual festival of twins held on each August in the Cleveland suburb of Twinsburg, Ohio, United States. It is one of the largest gathering of twins in the world with approximately 3,000 sets attending each year. The weekend of events attracts twins, multiples and their families from all over the world, many returning year after year. Events at the festival include include food, live entertainment, a golf tournament, a "twins" parade, talent shows, look-alike contests and lots more.

Twins Days began in 1976 in with just 37 sets of twins in attendance. The festival grew steadily each year to be the largest gathering of twins in the world. Thousands of fraternal and identical twins, triplets, and other multiples and their families twins converge on Twinsburg each year.


Twinsburg is named after a pair of identical twins named Moses and Aaron Wilcox who, in 1819, offered the town 6 acres of land for a public square and $20 toward starting the first school if the residents agreed to change the name of the town to Twinsburg. And thus Millsville became Twinsberg.

Moses and Aaron Wilcox were reportedly so identical that only their closest friends could tell them apart. They were lifelong business partners, held all their property in common, married sisters, had the same number of children, contracted the same fatal ailment and died within hours of each other. They are buried in the same grave in Twinsburg’s Locust Grove Cemetery.

There are literally thousands of pictures of twins on their website








Twin panorama after the group photo

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  1. To me, they all look different from each other. Even voices are different. I once called my boyfriend's twin (at the time) to give him info HR requested, and when my bf answered his phone instead, I right away said "what are you doing there?" Lol

  2. Posting above: my stupid smartphone corrected "he" to "HR" instead! Sorry...


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