Spend The Night Inside the Human Intestine at Hotel CasAnus

Dec 13, 2012 1 comments

Hotel CasAnus, or the Colon Hotel, is designed to resemble the human colon. The building follows the contours of the digestive system from the mouth through the stomach and intestine and terminates at the anus. Although the building is anatomically correct, the last part has been inflated to humongous size to accommodate a bed and bath.

CasAnus was designed by the Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout in 2007 and is located at the premises of Verbeke Foundation, a private art site, between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium. Although it looks repulsing from the outside, it has everything inside to make your stay comfortable. There are double beds, showers and central heating, and for 120 Euros a night, it’s affordable too.


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CasAnus is run by Belgian art collectors, Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens, who purchased the anatomical masterpiece to add to their 30-acre Verbeke Foundation sculpture park. It’s become one of western Europe’s peculiar art destinations. More than 20,000 tourists visit the Verbeke Foundation each year, and many opt to spend the night inside the colon hotel.

“Our exhibition space does not aim to be an oasis”, says Verbeke-Lens. “Our presentation is unfinished, in motion, unpolished, contradictory, untidy, complex, inharmonious, living and unmonumental, like the world outside of the museum walls. You will find no flamboyant sensational buildings here, but rather, a refreshing, unpretentious place to look at art and a subtle criticism of the art world”

According to Carla, “guests are really happy to sleep undisturbed in a place surrounded by nature. They can see black swans and frogs and discover the stars in the night sky, as well as visiting all our different exhibitions. More and more travelers are coming to us from all over the world to explore what they call a ‘unique place’.”


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  1. There's a HEART Hotel somewhere in Germany, too...


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