World’s Smallest Hotel - Eh'haeusl or 'the Wedding House'

Feb 14, 2013 1 comments

The smallest hotel in the world is just 2.5 meters wide, and occupies a mere 53 square meters of space but is fitted with all modern accessories from flat screen televisions to a mini spa. But with just one room, only one couple can stay at Eh'haeusl, in Amberg, Germany, at a time.

The house was originally built in 1728 by a couple who wanted to get married but the city council had a rule that allowed only home owners to tie the knot. To get around the law, the resourceful couple picked up a little strip of empty land between two other buildings just 2.5 meters wide, ran a quick wall on the front and the back and slapped a roof on the top. They declared it their home. The council fell for it and allowed the couple to get married.


After the house served the purpose, the couple sold it to the next couple with the same problem before moving into a proper rented space. With a different newlywed couple as occupants every few weeks, it became known as Eh'haeusl - or 'the Wedding House'.

Today, the extraordinary hotel is owned by Marina Schreiner, who welcomes couples in love from all over the world to stay all year round. According to an old legend told by the locals, couples who stay at the hotel live happily ever after and never get divorced.

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Source: Dailymail


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