The Balancing Barn Hotel in England

Mar 10, 2013 3 comments

The Balancing Barn is situated on the edge of a tranquil nature reserve a few miles inland from the Suffolk coast, near the historic towns of Walberswick and Aldeburgh. The 30-meters long hotel is precariously perched atop a small mound of earth. At midpoint, the Barn starts to cantilever over the descending slope, a balancing act made possible by the rigid structure of the building, resulting in 50% of the barn being in free space. The structure balances on a central concrete core, with the section that sits on the ground constructed from heavier materials than the cantilevered section. The hanging end of the barn even has a swing underneath.


On entering the Barn, one steps into a kitchen and a large dining room.  A series of four double bedrooms follows, each with separate bathroom and toilet. In the very centre of the barn the bedroom sequence is interrupted by a hidden staircase providing access to the garden beneath. In the far, cantilevered end of the barn, there is a large living space with windows in three of its walls, floor and ceiling. The addition of a fireplace makes it possible to experience all four elements on a rainy day. Full height sliding windows and roof lights throughout the house ensure continuous views of, access to and connectivity with nature. The long sides of the structure are well concealed by trees, offering privacy inside and around the Barn.

The Balancing Barn accommodates up to 8 people.

The house was designed by the Dutch firm MVRDV, who have won a world-wide reputation for the ingenuity, playfulness and comfort of their designs.






  1. This is so beautiful. I love how it just flosts. I think I would be shaky inside it would freak me out but it is visually stunning.

  2. Why is the picture photoshopped?(cloning etc) makes it looks suspicious until i came to the website now the barn looks real, but i see photoshopped grass everywhere(repeated patterens) This makes it look like a ruse? Maybe horrible landscape? would been better off unshopped!

    1. Why do people always think things are photoshopped? It's not. Maybe your screen is crap.


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