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Kacper Kowalski’s Aerial Photos of Poland's Forests in Autumn

Jutting out into the southern Baltic sea, Pomerania in Poland is famous for its large swathes of forests, dotted with lakes and meandering rivers. In autumn, the varied patches of forest come out in a riot of colours, their leaves drying at different rates and exposing the thick undergrowth and waterways. Flying from paragliders and geoplanes, aerial photographer Kacper Kowalski has been photographing this region from the air for years. Kowalski’s magnificent pictures show nature's beauty as it changes through the year.

Born in 1977, Kowalski is a graduate of the Technical University of Gdańsk, where he studied architecture. His architectural eye came to play an important role in his photography. “By profession I am an architect, so I look at the world through my education – arranging everything in maps and drawings,” says Kowalski.

Kowalski lives and works in Gdynia.









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