Hyper Realistic Eyes Drawn Using Colored Pencils

Apr 12, 2014 3 comments

Jose Vergara, known by his pet name Redosking on his artwork, is an impressively talented artist from south Texas. Vergara’s medium is colored pencils, and he uses them to create a range of stunning drawings from cartoonish figures to unbelievably realistic renderings of human eyes. Vergara started this particular series in November, because he was interested in the 'detail and beauty' of the human eye. His first eye drawing was that of is mother’s. Then he drew his father’s.

The 19-year-old artist was born in Mexico City. When he was eight years old, Vergara suffered an accident that almost cost him his right hand. It was in the hospital, where he was kept for about two months, Vergara realized that it wasn't just a hobby, but a passion.

More artist who draws with color pencils: Marcello Barenghi and Joseph Crone







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  1. Although I can appreciate the amount of effort that goes into these hyper-realistic works I have never understood why anyone would do it. Replicating a photo definitely takes a lot of skill but I wouldn't call it art. To me, art has to have something of the artist in it, it comes from the heart and mind and represents the vision of the artist. If we didn't have photograph technology I could understand the need for those who can make true and accurate replications like this - but we do. Hyper-realism is a skill almost anyone with enough patience could learn. Art requires talent.

  2. you are obviously not an Artist 'become the change'.....EVERY single piece of Art has something of the Artist in it, it is their passion....

  3. Hi...... Your such nice artist
    ... Beautiful detailing... Can you please tell me, which kind of pencils have you used? And every single material which is used in these sketches... Am glad if Will tell me... Am using creatcolor's water soluble pencils but it not working properly... Hardly requesting... My e-mail I.d is 'sagarparadise06@Gmail.com'.


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