A Glass Bottomed Hotel Bedroom in Bali

Jun 13, 2014 0 comments

Who wants to sleep with the fishes? But shrimps is another story. Set over a freshwater shrimp pond, Udang House, also known as the Shrimp House, at the Bambu Inda Hotel in Bali, features a bedroom with tempered glass floor panels that reveal a panorama of crustaceans in action. The room is built from teak wood, and adorned with authentic shrimp baskets converted into lamps, fishing nets and paddle to create a “fishing village experience”.

The bathroom is tiled with glass room allowing entry of both the light of day and the Bali moon at night, while an open air shower allows guests an opportunity to commune with nature. This house is situated at the source of the fresh water fountain that supplies the natural pool.


The eco-friendly hotel was formerly a Javanese bridal home built by native Indonesians more than a 100 years ago and offer a tranquil retreat in natural surroundings. Each of the houses was handpicked by the owners - Canadian-born jewelry maker John Hardy and his American wife Cynthia Hardy. The houses were relocated to Bali and restored in 2005. The hotel sits on the Sayan Ridge amongst rice paddies, minutes from the town of Ubud, with views of the Ayung River, a Hindu temple and the volcanic edges around Mount Batu Kau.





Source: Telegraph via Reddit


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