Serbia’s Dry Bridge: A Bridge Without a River

Sep 27, 2014 4 comments

The Bega River runs for about 250 km from the Poiana Rusca Mountains in Romania and into Serbia where it flows into the Tisa river near Titel. In the city of Zrenjanin, the river branches into a secondary stream that strays away from the main watercourse, makes a short loop and then rejoins the Bega, a little more than 200 meters downstream. While doing so, the wandering watercourse forms a moat-like ring around a small section of the city called “Mala Amerika” (or “Little America”). In 1962, the city built a suspension foot bridge over this moat to connect residents of the otherwise isolated section of the city with the rest of Zrenjanin. The bridge served its purpose well, until 1985, when the city administrators came up with a better idea. They filled several section of the loop with earth, including directly underneath the bridge, thus rendering the bridge obsolete. Today, the Dry Bridge stands on dry land between two lakes – the former bed of the secondary Bega river, created when the river was filled.


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Although still standing, the bridge appears to be in a state of neglect. The hand rails have developed rust and every available surface is filled with graffiti. City authorities wanted to demolish it since it does not have any purpose, but many residents object claiming that the bridge has become an ironic symbol of Zrenjanin. Besides, Dry Bridge is the only bridge in the world which does not bypass a physical obstacle, other than the smaller and older Trinity Bridge in England.


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Sources: Wikipedia / Now I Know


  1. Begej river is correct name!

  2. That "secondary stream" and "short loop" was the main watercourse until they decided to dam it into three lakes after which they dug through a new, shorter main watercourse.

  3. On English is Bega!

  4. Bega is official iternational name!


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