A Hidden Beach in Marieta Islands Formed by Military Bombing

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Marieta Islands are a group of small uninhabited islands a few miles off the coast of Nayarit, in Mexico. Ever since the islands was labelled a national park, there has been an increase in marine life populations due to the islands being protected from fishing and hunting by the Mexican government. Over the last few years Marieta Islands have turned into a popular tourist destination drawn by the rich fauna that include creatures like humpback whales, dolphins and manta rays. Among the many natural wonders on the islands, one is a “Playa del Amor” or “the beach of love” but commonly referred to as the “hidden beach”. The beach is so called because it’s entirely hidden in a sinkhole-like cave, and can only be reached by swimming through a short, narrow tunnel. While the beach itself is natural, the sinkhole under which the beach lies is reportedly man-made.


Photo credit: Daily Mail

The Marietas Islands were originally formed many thousands of years ago by volcanic activity. Being completely uninhabited, the Mexican government started using the islands as target practice prior to the First World War. These controlled bombings have formed numerous caves and other unique rock formations on the Marietas Islands. It is believed that the Hidden Beach was created as a result of these bombings together with natural erosion of the rocks surrounding it.

After a massive international outcry, started by scientist Jacques Cousteau in the late 1960s, the government eventually decided to label the islands a national park. Today the islands are protected from human activity and only a few tour operators are allowed to take tourists there after obtaining necessary permits.


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Photo credit: Daily Mail


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Photo credit: Daily Mail

Sources: Wikipedia / Daily Mail


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