Takhini Hot Springs' Hair Freezing Contest

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Takhini Hot Springs is a natural hot springs located just outside the border of Whitehorse, in Yukon, Canada. Known and used for centuries by the First Nations People, it was first turned into a commercial venture about one hundred years. During the 1940s, the pool – at that time made of wood and canvas – was used by United States Army while they constructed the Alaska Highway. In 1950 a concrete pool was built and that was later replaced by the existing pool and building in the 1970s. Today, it is a locally run business which incorporates two pools at different temperatures and has a campground with over 80 sites. It is a historic site and a very popular destination for tourists and locals.


The venue hosts a number of themed events throughout the year, including mums go free on Mother's Day, and the same for dads on Father's Day. Every February the hot springs hosts a Hair Freezing Contest. It runs the whole month of February and all people have to do to participate is enter the hot springs and freeze their hair. As long as the temperature goes below –30 degree C, the freezing of the hair can happen in under 60 seconds.

Once they have their frozen hair, participants just have to post their picture to the business's Facebook wall. At the end of the month the winner is picked and they win $150 cash.








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