The Scale Lane Bridge in Hull

Nov 30, 2015 2 comments

The Scale Lane Bridge is an innovative pedestrian swing bridge located in the city of Hull, England, that offers pedestrians the unique experience of riding on the bridge while it’s still moving. The bridge is shaped like a giant apostrophe sweeping across River Hill from west to east connecting Hull's Old Town to the undeveloped industrial land on the east bank. The vast concrete drum that sits on the west bank, while functioning as the counterweight and fulcrum also provides space for a restaurant, seating areas and a viewing platform. Opened in 2013, the bridge is designed to be the first stage of a wider masterplan that will unlock the potential of the riverside to promote wider regeneration and increase the use of the river frontage.


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti

"The black steel bridge has a distinctive robust character and curving form, making it a memorable landmark that is unique to Hull and its industrial and maritime heritage," said London architects McDowell+Benedetti, who were behind the bridge’s design.

The spine of the bridge arches up and over the river, allowing enough room for smaller boats to pass under without needing to operate the bridge, and rotates using an electrical drive mechanism to open the route to river traffic when required.

There are two different routes across the bridge, one gently sloping that stretches along the outer edge, and a shorter stepped pathway that runs along the inside. The roof of the drum provides an upper viewing deck with a seamless steel balustrade, “which gives the feeling of being on board a docked ocean liner.”


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti


Photo credit: McDowell+Benedetti

Source: DeZeen


  1. Amazing! I live only 50 miles away and have had no idea that it existed until now. Congratulations to the architects and engineers involved.


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