A Blast From The Past: Episode 3

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A collection of interesting and noteworthy articles that you may have missed, pulled out from Amusing Planet’s nearly 8-year old archives.

The Fantastic Sinking Boat by Julien Berthier

Love-love is a perpetually sinking boat created by French artist Julien Berthier. The boat appears to be sinking but never actually does, thanks to its clever design. …Read more

sinking-boat (9)

The Beautiful Wooden Churches of North Russia

These beautiful but depleted, centuries old wooden churches were captured through the lenses by Richard Davies. Richard was inspired by the works of Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (1876 - 1942) a well known artist, stage designer and illustrator of Russian Folk Tales, who drew attention to the condition of the wooden churches through a series of photographs published in a 1904 article in the World of Art Magazine. …Read more


Living Paintings by Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade, a 23-year-old artist from the Washington DC area, has developed a painting technique that makes three-dimensional spaces look like flat, two-dimensional paintings. Instead of painting on canvas, she paints portraits directly on the subjects themselves. …Read more

alexa-meade (1)

Anamorphic Art by István Orosz

István Orosz specializes in mirror anamorphosis, where a conical or cylindrical mirror is placed on the drawing to transform a flat distorted image into a three dimensional picture that can be viewed from many angles. His best creation is probably the one called Mysterious Island. It’s a sketch of a seashore with a sail pushed along by the wind, and two men trekking. But if a cylindrical mirror is placed over the circular sun, a portrait of Jules Verne emerges. …Read more


The White Desert of Egypt

About 45 km north of Farafra, the White Desert begins. It’s truly a white desert in clear contrast with the yellow desert elsewhere, something which you will not believe before seeing with your own eyes. At night, and many of the organized trips out here include overnight stay out in the desert. The white desert is best viewed at sunrise or sunset, in the light of a full moon, which gives the landscape an eerie Arctic appearance. …Read more

white-desert (1)


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