A Blast From The Past: Episode 7

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A collection of interesting articles that you may have missed, pulled out from Amusing Planet’s nearly 8-year-old archives.

EIZO Pin-up Calendar 2010 is Not What You Expect

The Eizo: Pin-up Calendar 2010 offers you more than the usual nude –  it shows everything.

EizoPinupCalendar (2)

The Curious Story of ‘Bobby's Bus Shelter’ at Unst, Scotland

Bobby's Bus Shelter at Unst, one of the northernmost isle of Shetland Islands in Scotland, might be the only bus stop in the world that is visited by bus loads of tourists every day during the summer. The reason: the inventive decor, some homemade fudge, a pair of resident beer-quaffing hamsters and an intriguing story.

bobbys-bus-shelter (1)

The Spanish Baby Jumping Festival of El Colacho

Every year during the month of June, the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia near Burgos holds its traditional Baby-Jumping Festival as part of its Corpus Christi celebrations. During the act, known as El Colacho, men dressed as the Devil (known as the Colacho) leaps over babies born during the previous twelve months of the year who lie on mattresses in the street.

el-colacho (1)

Alcohol Under The Microscope

A company called Bevshots has produced a series of shots of booze under the microscope at the Florida State University's chemistry labs. This is Dry Martini at 1000x magnification.


Unexpected Turn of Events at The Guinea Pig Festival

Huacho is a small and picturesque city in the costal regions of the South American country of Peru. For the last few years the locals of Huacho has been organizing an unusual kind of festival – the festival of guinea pigs. In this one-day event, guinea pigs are dressed up in traditional Peruvian local dresses. Some of them are turned into kings and queens while others are dressed up as miners and peasants. They are fed and pampered. But towards the end of the day, they are chopped up and eaten.

guinea-pig-festival (8)


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