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At Amusing Planet we cover anything that is offbeat or interesting, and that includes a wide range of topics. With over 400 articles published during the past 12 months, it’s hard to decide which ones are better than the rest as I attempt to prepare the annual “best-of” collection. To make the task easier, I have split up the collection into different topics – the ones that we write about the most. So lets look back at some of the best and most read stories of 2012.


10 Most Read Stories of 2012

  1. Gruner See, Styria: A Park That Turns Into a Lake in Summer
  2. Lake Retba Looks Like a Giant Strawberry Milkshake
  3. The Lonely Tree of Tenere
  4. Chinese Swimming Pools, the Most Crowded (and Dirtiest) in the World
  5. Qiandao Lake: The Thousand Island Lake and Ancient Submerged Cities
  6. Samuel Silva's Incredible Photorealistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings
  7. Socotra: The Island of Strange Plants
  8. 4 Incredible Hanging Hotel Pools
  9. Firefly Squids in Toyama Bay, Japan
  10. New Entries to The Guinness World Records 2013

Best of Travel 2012 - Editor’s Choice

Best of Art 2012 – Editor’s Choice

Best of Photography 2012 – Editor’s Choice

Best of Architecture 2012 – Editor’s Choice


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